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Read this great story StrokeSmart wrote about us:



We are back from our cross country road trip! We have captured some amazing stories along the way. Check out our updates, images and 'on the road' videos on our social channels.


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#Local: 20 years ago #PalmDesert native Kyle Mengelkamp suffered a massive brain aneurysm. In two weeks, he will embark on a cross country journey telling inspirational stories of people who've persevered through traumatic injuries. Learn more about his film, "Stroke of Genius."

Kyle in 2017
Kyle in 1997
Tammy & Kyle

“Celebrating World Stroke Day in a Special Way”






Definition: Telling powerful, inspirational success stories bouncing back from a traumatic experience by never giving up, and finding their own unique #strokeofgenius, one story at a time.


World Stroke Day is kicking off our purpose. We are stamping a start date of November 8th to go cross-country to capture these amazing stories to share on a video platform called #StrokeofGenius -, as well as create a docu-series highlighting the journey to find a "stroke of genius" in everyone we come across.


20 years ago I had a severe brain aneurysm when I was 11 years old and I had to relearn everything all over again. In September, I told my story in a short documentary and won AT&T's create-a-thon in New York. After I won, I got a lot of messages from people in similar situations with their struggle, and how they have overcome the hardship to now living in happiness.





This rang a bell. For celebrating my 20th anniversary, we are going to capture other people's stories and let them be in the spotlight for never giving up! This is my calling: "To find, create, and share stories." I was meant to find and empower those with a struggle or loss of hope after a traumatic experience. I found that I have a special connection with these inspirational stories and I am grateful to go on this journey. 


Please assist us and donate now to join our special community and see the positive impact we are creating. Let’s celebrate life with a mission to uplift and enrich each other by helping the community live happy and healthier story at a time!









We are set to launch our road trip from New York City to Seattle, on November 8th through November 21st. We have been working tirelessly on securing everything we need to make this journey possible.




Tammy, Kyle and Liam all came together to team-up

to create this project.

Soon we will update you with the stories of the entire

team and the amazing people in our docu-series. 

Stay tuned! 


Tammy Chang
Kyle Mengelkamp in 1997
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Kyle Mengelkamp in 2017
Our Genius trip
Liam & Kyle
Liam & Kyle
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