"The Whole Brain"
- Be who you want to be moment by moment -
special guest 

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor


a mind-expanding cocktail

We're back to live events from New York

AND we are live streaming the salon so everyone is included! Join us on Zoom and find out how you can be a part of the next in-person event. 

We are partnering with The Soundshop LIVE from New York in another "Music & the Brain" powered by Minds Over Matter & Kava Social


Music is the one thing that activates all areas of the brain at once. 

This 2021, we are going to surprise you at each of

The Brain Bar Salons.

Last year our guest speakers included Jim Kwik, Celebrity

Brain Coach; Moran Cerf, Hacker turned Neuroscientist; Matthew Zachary, Founder of Stupid Cancer; and many more. We can't wait to reveal our guests for this year and serve

YOU a mind-expanding cocktail.

Next Event: 

"The Whole Brain"
- Be who you want to be moment by moment -

Sunday, July 18th, 2021

Doors open at 4 pm EST

Show starts at 5 pm EST

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We believe in showcasing just what can be done using the power of our brain.

The Brain Bar Salon

is a gathering of like-minded individuals celebrating people within our brain community. We share stories and expand perspectives through the power of conversation. Alongside live entertainment, we hear talks on the selected theme and connect with one another for a tasteful evening.

At the end of the night, we all learn something new about our amazing brains.

How the evening unfolds


People from all across the brain community meet and greet - i.e. Doctors, patients, survivors, caregivers, family, all in one place


Each month has a theme "xxx and the Brain" and there will be 2-4 guest speakers sharing what they are up to right now and how it relates to the theme. 


As the "salon" format

goes, in between each guest we open it up for questions because 10 minutes isn't enough and others will be intrigued by the share. 

open discussion

This is where the magic happens.  We open up the floor for everyone to have the best ideas and most important conversations that come from these shares.  

What attendees say...

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Jim Kwik

NYT Bestselling author of Limitless

Host / Kwik Brain podcast

“Speaking at The Brain Bar allowed me to connect and have an honest conversation with like-minded individuals about what's possible. This salon brings together a dynamic group of people, from different life paths all looking to reclaim their Brain.”

Bridget Clarice

Photographer, Mom,

Brain Aneurysm Survivor

"It's like a dinner party and you get to see all your favorite people. Each month is so different, you walk away learning something new."

Vince Holland

Olympic Weight Lifter

Stroke Survivor

"Being a part of the night and speaking to the presenters made it feel like a dialogue and I would DEFINITELY invite anyone who is thinking about it, to get to a Brain Bar event. Bring your curiosity and an open mind. There is so much perspective to share and gain from the events and I know you will enjoy them as much as I do."

We look forward to having you at The Brain Bar and helping you create your own possibility.


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