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What attendees say...

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What the speakers say...

“Speaking at The Brain Bar allowed me to connect and have an honest conversation with like-minded individuals about what's possible. This salon brings together a dynamic group of people, from different life paths all looking to reclaim their Brain.”

Jim Kwik

NYT Bestselling author of Limitless

Host / Kwik Brain podcast

"Being a part of the night and speaking to the presenters made it feel like a dialogue and I would DEFINITELY invite anyone who is thinking about it, to get to a Brain Bar event. Bring your curiosity and an open mind. There is so much perspective to share and gain from the events and I know you will enjoy them as much as I do."

Vince Holland

Stroke Survivor,

Olympic Weight Lifter

"It's like a dinner party and you get to see all your favorite people. Each month is so different, you walk away learning something new."

Bridget Clarice

Brain Aneurysm Survivor, Photographer, Mom


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